Cascata Uses Temporary Closure to Improve Already Exceptional Turf Conditions

The Best Gets Better

Like many others who are spending their time at home learning a new skill or refining methods for an old hobby, the agronomy team at Cascata is spending their time improving the already immaculate turf conditions by undergoing an unseasonal – albeit timely – aerification process at the club.

Cascata doesn’t normally aerify greens in the spring like most clubs in Las Vegas and throughout the southwestern United States. One reason is Cascata spaces out tee times in order to provide an “alone on the course” feel for our players, which means there are less players and therefore less traffic on the playing and putting surfaces. Fewer divots and ball marks combined with a meticulous – sometimes outright fanatical – attention to detail championed by the entire staff at Cascata makes perfect playing conditions a point of pride and the standard for our guests.

“While a spring aerification is unseasonable for us here at Cascata, making the most of our time and ensuring pristine playing conditions for our guests is something we know will make a difference when we reopen,” said Andy Elliot, GM of Cascata Golf Course.

The Aerification Process

Over time, organic matter such as decaying roots and grass stems under the green’s surface become too thick and begins to behave like a sponge, holding water at the surface after rain or irrigation. This inhibits root growth and reduces oxygen levels in the soil, which causes turf decay and even death.

The aerification process provides growing room for grass roots and helps keep the turf healthy by increasing the amount of oxygen to the roots. Increased oxygen means deeper roots, which in turn, create the pure, TOUR-quality putting surfaces guests have come to know at Cascata.

The agronomy team uses a specialized core aerification machine which physically removes up to half-inch-diameter plugs of turf and soil. The excess airflow in the turf allows moisture to evaporate quickly, promotes gas exchange in the soil and results in stronger root systems.

Post-Aeration Play

When are the greens good to go? At Cascata, that answer is simple: only when they’re perfect. Especially during the temporary closure, the aerated playing and putting surfaces at Cascata won’t see any golfers until the process has been completed. So, when Cascata reopens in May, our guests can rest assured there won’t be a single bump on the course that Rees Jones didn’t put there himself.

Ready for the Return of Play

Our maintenance team is getting it done during a window of opportunity provided by the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our guests know Cascata as the best golf experience in the Las Vegas area, with a strong reputation among avid and core golfers worldwide. When the gates swing open once again, they’ll find the same exceptional Vegas golf experience waiting for them, only better.

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