Overseeding at Cascata: Planning Ahead for Winter


Mild winter temperatures draw visitors to Las Vegas in droves. And thanks to the hard work of the golf course maintenance team at Cascata, a green blanket of wall-to-wall ryegrass will be waiting for them.

In the deserts of the Southwest, as well as other Southern regions, bermudagrass goes dormant as the nighttime temperatures dip below 50 degrees. Almost overnight, the turf turns brown and to the uninformed eye, looks dead. It always comes back, but in the meantime, it’s not a very appealing surface for golf.

Overseed Process

To create ideal wintertime conditions, the crew scalps the dormant grass down to the roots and plants ryegrass over the top of it – hence the name “overseed.” The process is quite labor intensive, and the investment is a big line item on a golf course budget. But once the grow-in is complete and fairways are groomed, carefully striped like those on the professional tours, it’s well worth the effort.

Overseed Schedule

At Cascata, we tackle this chore in September, beginning September 2 and extending through September 26.

What to Expect

Upon reopening, the conditions are a bit soggy due to the ramped-up watering schedule needed to establish the new turf. As a result, it’s a good idea to play a tee box forward to compensate for the lack of roll due to the soft conditions. One benefit enjoyed at Cascata – no cart path driving restriction. Because Cascata remains closed for an extended period of time, carts are allowed on the course without special restrictions on the very first day after annual overseeding. Again, no cart path only driving restriction at Cascata.

“It’s a significant undertaking each year, but the process is absolutely necessary to provide our guests with the best possible playing conditions from the fall to spring seasons,” said Jeff Krohn, VP Golf Operations for VICI Golf Properties. “The long-term health of our turf and the playing conditions of our guests are of the utmost importance to us at VICI Golf Properties.”

Superior Surface, Spectacular Location

Although the overseeding process requires lots of effort to plant entirely new playing surfaces each year, the process allows golfers worldwide to come to exciting Las Vegas, and experience the game at its best in one of the most picturesque golf locations on the planet.

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