Juniors Play Free After 10 am at Cascata

Growing the Game of Golf

Most of us remember the first time out on the golf course. Playing in the sunshine with your friends or family, just learning the game and practicing patience. The memories of our first well-struck golf shot or draining our first 30-footer last a lifetime, and they’re important. But to the fathers and mothers; aunts and uncles; siblings and family friends who took us out to play for the very first time, the feeling of passing the game to the next generation is worth much more than hitting the sweet spot. It’s the fulfillment of a life worth living. A life on the golf course.

Maintaining enthusiasm and growing the game of golf affects much more than the bottom line of your local golf club. The game itself is full of life lessons we should be teaching our young people like honesty, integrity, judgement, sportsmanship and more. It teaches them how to grow and learn through having fun. And it teaches them the importance of sharing a wonderful game with their children and family.

“Seeing the lightbulb go off in their head when they start to learn the game is an incredible feeling,” said Andy Elliott, assistant general manager of Cascata. “We want to make sure the young people in our communities have the opportunity to practice and play the game we love.”

That’s why Cascata Golf Course allows juniors (kids 15 and under) to play golf – for free – all summer long after 10 am when playing with a paying adult. Additionally, Cascata offers complimentary Callaway rental clubs and golf lessons with a paying adult, so you and your new golfer can learn together. Offer valid through September 1, 2019.

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